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Mayan photographic exhibition in the State of Mexico


Mexico, Jun. 18  (Notimex) .- To show the beauty and monumentality of Mayan architecture, the exhibition "Baktun 13" was opened by the photographers Javier Hinojosa and Ignacio Guevara, at the Archaeological Museum of the State of Mexico, Dr. Román Piña Chan, where it can be visited until next September.

lun. 19 jun. 2017

Forests of the State of Mexico are monitored with drones



Metepec, Mexico, Jun. 2 (Notimex) .- The government of the State of Mexico reported that in order to monitor natural areas, the Forest Protection of the entity (Probosque, for its acronym in Spanish) purchased 10 drones used as a monitoring t

sáb. 4 jun. 2016Metepec


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