Mayan photographic exhibition in the State of Mexico Sent by the Sunday 18 of June, 2017 20:35 pm

Mexico, Jun. 18  (Notimex) .- To show thebeauty and monumentality of Mayan architecture, the exhibition"Baktun 13" was opened by the photographers Javier Hinojosa andIgnacio Guevara, at the Archaeological Museum

Metepec: Forests of the State of Mexico are monitored with drones Sent by the Saturday 4 of June, 2016 10:09 am

  Metepec, Mexico, Jun. 2 (Notimex) .- Thegovernment of the State of Mexico reported that in order to monitornatural areas, the Forest Protection of the entity (Probosque, forits acronym in Spanish) purchased 10


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